Credit Report Review and Action Plan

This is our DIY credit repair! 

Our Board Certified Credit Expert will review all 3 of your credit reports and create a detailed action plan

for you to follow that will instantly give you an understanding of how to raise your credit scores.

Action Plan includes:

Credit Card Utilization Targets

Collection account negotiation direction

Tradeline recommendations

Authorized User recommendations

Credit Report Review and Action Plan $200

We Help Raise Scores Quickly!

Collection Deletion

Blended Repair Rescore Program

Our Blended Program is best for credit reports that include paid collections and derogatory items as well as accounts that need Rapid Rescoring.  

Unlimited written disputes to all 3 credit bureaus.

Unlimited Rapid Rescoring.

24/7 client support by phone/text/email

Monthly action plans and credit report review

​20 years experience in FICO and Vantage scoring

Blended Repair/Rescore Program Fee $599

Credit Action Plan

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Rapid Rescore

Credit Balance Update

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Rapid Rescore Credit

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Since 2009

Rapid Rescore Program

Our most popular Rapid Rescore service is to update your credit card balances once you've paid them down.

Average scores increase 50-100 points.

We also Rapid Rescore collections accounts that will permanently delete them from your credit reports.

Average scores increase 80-150 points.

 Rapid Rescores cost $100 per account we update. 

Each rescore will update all 3 credit bureaus.