Our Credit Expert

Our Process:
  1. Review your credit reports from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. 
  2. Identify ALL issues that are lowering your credit scores.
  3. Rapid Rescore ALL accounts that need updated.
  4. Dispute for deletion ALL negative information on ALL credit bureaus.
  5. Refresh credit reports and scores in 7-10 days for Rapid Rescores®
  6. Refresh credit reports and scores in 30 days for disputes.

Improves Scores In Days

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"Jason Hall is very knowledgeable! It is very rare these days to find someone who is willing to share their time and talent to assist others. I ... more "
by iymoore
"Jason is an awesome person. He made immediate contact with me once I submitted my inquiry. He not only made contact but shared valuable information ... more "
by Stacey Caman
"I called Jason Hall and he was very informed and gave great advice. After the real estate crash, my wife and I had credit issues. Both of our scores ... more "
by GregBerry61

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Popular Credit Questions and Answers..

There are many myths and incorrect theories about what you can do to raise your credit scores.  Read our info section for the most popular credit questions and answers.

Let Us Help You

We have over 25 years of credit scoring and reporting troubleshooting.  We also offer home mortgage loan consulting.  If you're applying for a home loan it's good to have a unbiased coach on your side.

Client Testimonials

Summary of their experience
Recently I decided to address & clean up my credit issues. These days in order to get a decent interest rate, you had better get your scores up to par. Times have changed since the market drop, your credit score is vital to say the least. I began my journey by researching some credible assistance as it is a difficult process and requires extended knowledge. You can spend countless hours just educating yourself and still get nowhere. I opted to enlist Jason's services for several reasons listed below: Good reviews Prompt response He's totally knowledgeable folks Spent time with me on the phone discussing a plan & my options Went right to work Reasonably priced Yielded positive results within a short period of time

Honestly I can't give the guy enough praise as I'm very pleased to say that my scores have gone up 200 plus points. I now have a 717 credit score, multiple Inquiries have been deleted along with a collection account. There is no way I could have accomplished this task, believe me when I say my credit was a mess. I'm grateful to say that when ready, I am now able to apply for a mortgage and get a decent rate. I will continue to work with Jason to address a few more minor issues and I'm confident in his abilities to accomplish my goal. Do yourself a favor, leave it to a pro, I recommend Jason now to everyone I know that needs help getting their credit turned around. Thanks a ton Jason, can't tell you what a difference your making in my life. I'll be a home owner again and with a low interest. Sincerely, Kimmy Flink Business Consultant

Summary of their experience
Jason was easy to work with and very professional. He always responded quickly and answered all the questions I had. He helped me raise my credit score about 200 points in only 2 months! It was amazing.