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Popular Credit Questions and Answers

Will Paying Off A Collection Raise My Credit Score?

If the collection is reporting a "past due" balance and you pay the collection off, it will update the "past due" reporting which can raise your scores.  But by just paying a collection account, it will update the status to "paid" and will remain on your credit report effecting your scores.  It's best to pay the collection and request a deletion from the collection company.  There are other options to delete the collection once paid, even if the collection company doesn't agree to delete the account.  Contact us for more information.

If I Pay My Credit Card To 50% Of The Limit, Will It Raise My Credit Scores?

Paying revolving credit to 50% to raise your scores is a old myth. FICO states that to increase your credit scores substantially, it's best to pay down below 30% of the limit, but for the greatest increase pay the account down below 10%. The FICO scoring software looks at all revolving account balances, so it's best to pay all revolving credit down not just 1 account. Our Rapid Rescore process can update your credit card balances in 7-10 days. Contact us for more information.

I Only Missed 1 Payment And My Scores Dropped By 80+ Points, I Don't Understand Why?

Payment history is the largest component to your credit scores. It makes up 35% of your credit scores. The ability to make on time payments is a key ingredient to maintaining your credit scores. If you are past due on any account, get caught up. This will help to begin getting your scores back on track. Contact us for other options on how to deal with late payments, we have a program to help.

I Don't Use Credit, Why Don't I Have A Credit Score?

The credit scoring software needs activity to generate a credit score. You have to build a credit rating, you're not given a perfect rating initially. You start from 300 and have to build upon that score. The longer you can keep an account open with on time payments, the better it is for your scores. It's recommended to use credit cards wisely. Keep balances low and payments on time. They are designed to show banks how responsible you are with a credit line.

I Have Bad Credit Accounts, How Can We Remove Them From My Credit Report?

The credit bureaus are required by law to investigate a dispute on an account. If they process the dispute and the creditor or collection company doesn't validate, nor care to validate the information it is to be deleted from your credit report. This dispute for deletion process is part of our credit repair programs. Even if you've tried this on your own or through another company with limited success, we can help. We have a proprietary process of dispute that is different from any company's disputes.

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