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Raise credit scores 

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Instructions and Notices :

Please complete the Rapid Rescore Form and fax/email written documentation from the creditor to


Fax/Email Supporting Documents Acceptable forms of Creditor Documentation are:  

A specific and unambiguous letter of instruction directly from the creditor as shown on the credit report 

An authentic Statement of Account referencing account number and current balance (Balance Letter)

Current Fees: $100 per account/borrower item.

Upon completion of your request, (typically 7 business days), you will pull a new credit file that reflects the updated information and scores. However, does not guarantee that updates and/or corrections made to the consumer’s national credit file will improve the consumer’s credit score. I authorize to process the above request and agree to pay for any corrections and/or updates to the consumer’s credit file regardless of the resulting score.

Rapid Rescore Request Form

Phone 949-505-9971 Fax 866-567-8054 Email: