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"Jason is amazing. I was pretty ignorant of the whole credit process when I contacted Jason about getting a rapid rescore by the credit bureaus of my ... more "
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Ask About Our "Unlimited Rapid Rescore Program" or "Unlimited Flat Fee Credit Repair"

The Rapid Rescore Company

Our Rapid Rescore service raises your credit scores in 5-7 business days on average.  Rapid Rescoring has been available since the 1990's, now available to public!

What is a

Rapid Rescore?

Credit scores can change with a simple update to your credit accounts at the credit bureaus.  Lower credit card balances will raise credit scores.  Delete collection accounts will also raise your credit scores with our Rapid Rescore service.

Credit card balance updates. 

When paid down we update the balances quickly which drive up credit scores 40-100 points.

Collection account deletions or paid updates. 

These changes can also drive up credit scores 60-100 points.

30 day late removals 

If you bank has reported a late payment in error which can raise credit scores over 100 points.

Reviews on Zillow
"Jason is a pro. He will help you. He helped me and I'm thankful for it. Jason was easy to reach, always available - but more importantly, he was ... more "
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"If you need a realistic advice I suggest you contact Jason Hall!!!! I contacted Jason Hall for advice on a credit issue that I was having for my home ... more "
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"First, I filled out the application at Rapid Rescore and received an IMMEDIATE call from Jason. I was genuinely impressed by his knowledge ... more "
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