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Rapid Rescore 

For only $99, we offer Rapid Rescoring to the general public.  Our Rapid Rescore process helps raise your credit scores in 5-7 days.

Our highest score increase by  Rapid Rescoring has been 214 POINTS in a WEEK!

What Is A Rapid Rescore?

A Rapid Rescore is a process of updating account information at the credit bureaus faster than your creditor or collection company.  Once the account information is updated and a new score is requested, your scores will increase based upon the account updates that we process.  This process includes credit card balance updates, collection account deletions, late payment deletions, and any other account correction that will increase your credit scores quickly.  Call to speak with one of our FICO score experts at (949) 505-9971 to discuss your Rapid Rescore today!

What Is The Process?

To better understand your specific situation, it's recommended to submit a credit report for review from our FICO score expert. This will take out any guessing or assumptions as to what's effecting your credit scores the most, and it will fast track the diagnosis to fix your problems. If you do not have a credit report, go to Privacy Guard and within minutes you can obtain your credit report for $1. Once you obtain your report, email it to info@rapidrescorecredit.com and our credit expert will review. Within minutes you will have a free credit report diagnosis and we will discuss the timelines and costs involved.

Client Testimonials

Summary of their experience
Jason is very upfront and honest! He did not sugarcoat his findings nor what I needed to do to resolve my credit issues. I respect his honesty because at the end of the day, we both wanted what was best for me. I am humbled by his tenacity, his desire to genuinely assist his clients with achieving their goals. I've referred several associates to Jason and I am more than confident those individuals will achieve the same results if Jason's expertise and advice is followed. Jason is genuine and exceeded every expectation! I am honored to share my experience with Jason with others!

Summary of their experience
Jason recently helped my dad rescore his credit with a number of accounts (10+) so that we could make a family vacation and retirement property purchase. Jason really took the time to explain to him what the process would look like and what he could realistically expect. He had to pay down a large chunk of revolving credit, but by doing so raised his score 150+ points (on average). This enabled us to qualify for the best rates and will definitely save us money over the life of the loan. 

Summary of their experience
My husband and I thought our credit was excellent and did not apply for a home mortgage until we had an excecuted sales contract on a property. When our credit was pulled we didnt qualify for a home loan. It had taken us a long time to find the perfect home and we were in danger of not being able to purchase with financing. Jason fixed our credit in ONE WEEK. Our scores went up by over 100 points in that time period. He was amazing and I would recommend him anytime.

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